Parent testimonials

“Reading Eggs is great for my son. He is a reluctant reader and has resisted every other product we have tried. He uses this one regularly without too many complaints. It’s really working for him.” – Steven

“My preschooler LOVES Reading Eggs. She considers it a treat to get to play.She has made it through 2 levels so far and just keeps truckin. This is much more comprehensive and child-friendly than any other software or site we have used to date. I just wish this had been around when my older son was learning to read. I have recommended this program to several of my friends and plan to use it well into the future."” – Jacqueline Chappell

“Hi Team at Reading EggsAs a busy mum of a child who is struggling to get a handle on the strange world of written English, reading eggs is an absolute God send and I am truly grateful to you guys for putting so much thought into creating this fantastic programme.The songs make us all laugh, particularly the one about “looking for love in all the wrong places”. It had my husband and I giggling like little kids (we don’t get out much). I have two older boys who I can’t keep away from the computer when my grade 1 is on it so I am going to join them up as well!Keep doing what you are doing, you must enjoy it because it really shows.Kind regards” – Mel

“This has been so great for my son in prep who needed something visual and exciting for learning and remembering his letters. His teacher tested his alphabet today and told me he knew 15. Last time she tested he knew 2. I am sooo pleased and he has only been using the program for 3 days!! Maree ” – Maree