Parent testimonials

“A student in my son’s class let the teacher know about Reading Eggs. Now the whole class is logged on, and I have logged on his 4yo twin brothers at home, so they feel like they are involved in “school”. Aside from the skills they are learning, it is something they can do completely on their own, though they learn also by observing and helping each other. The programme is clear, you can repeat lessons, there is no time limit, and there are no penalties. All good as far as we are concerned. The boys love it and we have already spread the word. Thank you Reading Eggs. ” – Tiina

“Hi. Thank you for the wonderful website. We are very impressed at how well our boy has taken to reading since being on the system. We were initially part of the promotional offer, and got as much out of the offer as possible. Once the offer had finished we were very happy to renew and continue on!! Also, congratulations on the Best Website Prize – well deserved. ” – Aaron

“Dear Reading Eggs Team, Ever since my 4yo son has started “playing” (as he thinks of it) on Reading Eggs, I can’t believe how he has developed with his literacy skills. He is constantly spelling out words, reading simple things, writing lists of words and always asking “what spells this mum?”. I am totally in awe watching a child learn to read and write and I truly believe that Reading Eggs has been a huge encouragement and instrument in his development. I think the website is one of the best I’ve seen…I want to play on it! It is so appealing with the colours, the critters, the games… I cannot speak highly enough of the package you have designed and am telling anyone who will listen about it. Thank you very much we love it! ” – The Ward Family