Parent testimonials

“My youngest son has joined up to the Reading Eggs program and I am amazed at how quickly his reading has taken off. It is a fantastic progam. Thank you again.” – Lisa

“Thank you, my son is loving this site, he still has 12 months til he starts kindergarten but he is already reading amazingly well thanks to your site. I live in LA, I am Australian, but my American friends also love it.” – Monica

“This has been great, she is soooooooooo motivated, she is 5 and I had already started teaching the love of reading and she was alredy reading so much and with reading eggs it is enhancing her skills so much, receiving your report of her progress and encouraging her to read it, has made her so happy and proud. This is such a great resource. Thank you.” – Rosi

“Hi We are really enjoying the reading eggs program and I’m sure Ella is progressing a lot faster learning than she would have without it. Thanks again for a great system. ” – Anglea