Parent testimonials

“Hi there, we have just started a 3 week trial period using your program. WOW! My 5 year old little girl is having so much fun…..and learning at the same time. She is actually reading! Thank you so much for an amazing learning experience. ” – Cath

“At first we thought that this is not suitable for our child. After we purchased it, my girl was so happy. She was online for hours playing and learning. Each day when she came home from school, she would go to the computer and switch it on and try to do by herself. There’s a lot of improvement. The most important thing is, she can read!! I have no regrets purchasing Reading Eggs. I will recommend them to my friends. ” – Hayati

“I just wanted to let you know that since using Reading Eggs, my son’s reading at school has gone up 3 levels. He was having some trouble with new words but now shows confidence in sounding them out and giving it a go. My daughter is nearly five and will start prep next year and she also loves Reading Eggs. ” – Bev

“I have been using Reading Eggs with my four year old boy for a month now. It is a fantastic site and has completely removed any anxiety about progress and motivation in his reading. He loves doing the lessons and his progress is significant after lesson 9 he read his first book and is able to tackle his school books. More important I have complete confidence that this is helping to equip him with the skills so that at school he will feel able to cope despite being one of the youngest. Thank you so much. I would advise any one to invest in this site. It is money well spent!” – Joanne