Parent testimonials

“Hi! Big congratulations to all the team and Reading Eggs! You are providing an invaluable service and i hope to spread the word far and wide (Im an Aussie expat residing in Malaysia). Many, many, thanks.” – Elissa

“Thanks for having a programme that complements school. Will is having a great time revising a lot of words he knows and practicing the ones he has had some trouble with! Well spaced, it’s exciting to do the test at the end of each level. thanks” – Camilla

“Dear Reading Eggs, I think your program is just fantastic. My son started playing with it at 3 years of age and is now 4 and loves it. I notice he can read words all around – on the tv, in books, magazines and the kids names on the role at preschool which has more than impressed quite a few of the Mums! I have told so many friends about how great Reading Eggs it is quite simply one of the best $50 I’ve ever spent! ” – Katie

“Hello there, What you have done with this program is so fabulously fantastic. My 3 year old Lily just can’t get enough of it and she is so happy when she can recognise words or sometimes read entire sentenses. We started her off on the CD ROMs and now we are on the website with your complimentary trial. We recommend it to all our family and friends with kids. Keep up the great work. We appreciate it very much. Kind Regards” – Roshan