Parent testimonials

“Reading Eggs is great for my preschool aged child who is just learning to read and for my 6 year old fluent reader. My younger child is engaged by the lessons and also motivated by the games and rewards. A surprise benefit is that his computer and keyboard skills are improving. My 6 year old uses Reading Eggs for her spelling and basic grammar. She is working on her sequencing and creative writing skills by composing stories on Reading Eggs. Even the games develop reading, math and logic skills. I really see this as a website we can use from preschool through grade 3 with academic benefit.” – Jennifer Ware

“My 7 year old son has learning challenges in the area of reading and resists reading. He took to Reading Eggs immediately and has never complained about doing the program. He loves the variety of activities and especially earning the characters. He is making good progress with his skills. Today we sat down to read a new book and I was having him read all the words that didn’t overwhelm him in length. He protested that this was a Level 2 reader and was very pleased when I told him that he is now reading at that level. I am very pleased with this program and it is very affordable.” – Becky M.

“My son is four. I really didn’t think he was old enough to start a phonics program but I figured if it was fun and engaging for him it couldn’t hurt. I didn’t have very high expectations. He went from having no phonics knowledge to reading in about a month! The ‘game’ is so fun for him, he asks to do it nearly every day. He loves the egg reward system too; when he completes enough lessons he gets to go ‘shopping’ in the ‘store’ for game items. The songs are so catchy, my husband and myself wind up singing them too. I highly recommend this program to all my friends with young children. This is the best online program we have found for phonics!” – J. Thornburg

“I just want to say what a blessing Reading Eggs has been for my 5 year old boy. He was becoming very resistant to sitting with me and doing our regular phonics program. It wasn’t fun to him and with 4 other children to home school it was difficult for me to spend a lot of time coming up with activities to keep his attention. He was starting to think that learning to read was a bad thing! Enter Reading Eggs! WOW, what an amazing program. He absolutely loves learning to read now. As an added benefit he now wants to use our regular phonics program to show me what he has learned in Reading Eggs. I really like that Reading Eggs makes repetition fun. I’m also pleased with how the program ensures that concepts are understood and cemented before allowing the child to move on. As the person responsible for my child’s education, knowing that my child is using Reading Eggs makes me confident that he is learning. Reading Eggs was able to accomplish in a few days what I had trouble teaching in twice that time. I will definitely be using Reading Eggs for this child for at least the next couple of years and I have a 2 year old that I will be using it with for a long time too. I am so pleased with this program and have told everyone I know with age appropriate children about it. I don’t recommend programs often but this is one that I will always encourage people to use. Thank you for a wonderful product!” – A. Oakes, Co-op Member