Parent testimonials

“My children are absolutely loving this program. Having used a number of online reading programs, I have to say that yours is the most impressive by far. I will be sure to pass the word.” – Craig

“Hi, I just wanted to thank you for such a fantastic website. My kids love it! I have passed your website on to four friends already and their children seem to have the bug too. Thank you and well done on a fantastic program.” – Sarah, Adam and Sian

“Hi, my son Jordan LOVES reading eggs and is up to lesson 15. Thanks!!” – Lena

“I’d like to tell you that…. my five year old pre-schooler Oliver loves it and thus so do I! You?ve set up an amazing learning resource; so well thought out, well presented, fun, engaging and I think/hope it will prove to be successful in its aim to teach children to read. I wish you all the best with it.” – Ali