Parent testimonials

“Hi there My daughter is 6 and in year 1 at school. She didn’t ‘get’ reading and I was beginning to really worry that we might have a problem. We have tried all manner of books, charts, phonics, Letterland, extra help etc but the progress was painfully slow, almost to the point of non existent. A friend mentioned Reading Eggs in passing and I didn’t even get a chance to hear why she suggested it. I looked you up and it was timely that the special offer was on and I signed up my daughter. In a matter of weeks she is flying along like never before. She absolutely LOVES Reading Eggs (as do her siblings) and asks to go on the computer morning, noon and night to do it. It’s such a lovely, colourful, fun (and funny) and educational site and the reward system of levels, eggs, certificates and games are so well thought out. I just wanted to say Hurray and Thank You. ” – Sanchia

“My son has high functioning Autism spectrum disorder and adores computers, therefore he is committed to your program and absorbs the content. My son’s ability to learn how to read is enhanced by his condition and reading eggs provides him with the tools he needs to achieve this. My son has a language and communication impairment and Reading eggs has also enhanced his speech and communication!!!! Reilly laughs at the annimations and finds the lessons enjoyable and fun.” – Linda

“Thank you Reading Eggs People- I had a 6 year old boy who really battled with reading and even opening a book was a challenge. Now both my 6 year old and almost 4 year old fight over who gets to do Reading Eggs each afternoon. They love it. All of it. It is a well thought out, interactive, fast paced program which my kids love. Thank you!!!!” – Racheal

“Hello, My daughter, is 4 and a half, and wanted to learn to read. She has only been doing reading eggs for less than a month, and yesterday she read the story at the end of lesson 16. She was actually sounding out the words and working out what they were. My husband couldn’t believe it (and I was shocked too). Thank you so much – your program is amazing. We will be signing up and plan on telling everyone about this great reading tool.” – Jane