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Free Reading Worksheets to Print and Enjoy!

The reading worksheets below correspond with the online Reading Eggs lessons that teach children how to read and develop lifelong literacy skills. Start your free trial today to enjoy the full programme and download our full range of worksheets.

reading worksheets
Free Set of Reading Worksheets

Lesson 6: The letter b

Learn to identify the sound b, identify words that begin with b and practise writing b and B.

Free Reading Worksheet 42
Free Set of Reading Worksheets

Lesson 42: The alphabet

Learn to identify the phonemes, graphemes and names of the letters of the alphabet.

Free Reading Worksheet 74
Free Set of Reading Worksheets

Lesson 74: The sounds eg and et

Practise reading and writing eg and at words.

Free Reading Worksheet 117
Free Set of Reading Worksheets

Lesson 117: Nouns

Identify nouns and proper nouns and practise writing them.

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