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How to Encourage Boys to Read More

how to get boys to read more

Fart jokes, burps and the glory of all things gross! Explore some fun and practical ways to motivate boys to read more books.

Research shows that boys are less likely to enjoy reading than girls. But if you're reading this now, chances are you already knew that!

Reading is essential for successful learning and development. But with endless distractions like video games, TV and peer pressure, many young boys are simply not reading as much as they should.

So how can parents get their boys to read? And most importantly, how can parents get them to actually enjoy it?

What is your boy genuinely interested in?

By the time your child is of reading age, he would have already developed his own interests about certain things in the world. Whether they love sharks, pirates, motorbikes or monsters, there are literally thousands of books to indulge their interests.

Reading stories or facts that focus on their favourite subjects makes the reading experience more fun, interesting and engaging. Let your son choose his next book to read or surprise him by picking out books you know will pique his interest.

Choose the best time and place for reading

The most common time for reading is in the late evenings when your child is tucked in and ready to go to sleep. But this may not work for every child. Experiment with different times in the day, like after school or just before breakfast on the weekends. If your little one has a natural love for being outside, try finding a comfortable place in the backyard or the local park to read together.

Find books with positive male role models

Whether it's a boy on an adventure with a giant peach or a classic superhero out to save an entire city, choosing stories with positive male role models can get young boys excited about reading.

Even boys as young as three can appreciate a story with a good superhero. Stories like Spiderman, James and the Giant Peach and the Harry Potter series can also help boys gain a good understanding of positive values, such as perseverance, friendship and the power of believing in oneself.

Be a bit cheeky with your book choices

Fart jokes, burps and the glory of all things gross; it's no secret that boys are delighted by offbeat subjects! Author Andy Griffiths, who's sold over four million children's books worldwide, explains that many boys enjoy books that let them laugh about squeamish situations without having to do them themselves.

Griffiths explains, “Boys can slightly associate books as a feminine product, and unfortunately books then get pushed away. One of the ways I got around that was to write about characters that do outrageous things or see themselves as rebels.”

It doesn't have to just be books!

At the end of the day, reading is reading, no matter what it is. Magazines, comic books or trading cards can all encourage boys to read, especially since boys tend to be visual learners. Use road signs, posters and recipe ingredients to get your boys reading, and don't forget to praise them when they do.

With a vast variety of genres available to young readers, it's always important to remember that reading truly is for everyone.

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