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Benefits of Reading Online for Kids

Benefits of Reading Online for Kids

There are many benefits of reading online for kids, including:

One-on-one Learning

Online reading programmes like Reading Eggs instruct children in key literacy areas within a one-on-one learning environment. Unlike learning in a classroom setting, lessons and activities are focused on instructing the child alone, therefore they are free to learn and progress at their own pace.

Repeating Lessons

Extending from the above point, since online reading programmes provide one-on-one instruction, children are able to repeat lessons when they encounter difficulties, without having to worry about holding up other students, as is typically the case in a classroom setting. This benefit of reading online for kids can prove to be invaluable to a child as they will have the opportunity to work on and overcome their difficulties before they progress onto more advanced lessons.

Making Learning Fun

Reading online for kids has the advantage of being inherently motivational and fun. For example, Reading Eggs combines playful elements – highly engaging animations and characters, colourful visuals, catchy music and sing-a-longs – with scientifically based literacy instruction. Educators will agree that children learn best when they’re having fun, and online reading lessons like those in Reading Eggs often seem like they are simply a computer game to a child – but they are actually learning.

Tracking Progress

Online reading programmes can usually give parents up-to-date and accurate reporting and statistics on their child’s learning progress. For example, Reading Eggs has a Parent Dashboard from where parents can access statistics detailing their child’s progress with the programme. Parents can view the estimated reading age of their child, how many lessons they have completed to date, as well as how many phonics skills and sight words they have learnt. Regular reports can also be sent to parents via email.


Thank you Reading Eggs. My son is 3 and diagnosed with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder. He has a significant speech delay and is responding so well to your programme because he loves books and computers. We are only up to level 9 and already Reilly is reading words and saying the words and letters as he reads them…Reading Eggs is just what we have been searching for and has contributed to our son’s speech significantly!!! You should consider marketing this for children with autism spectrum disorders.

- Linda

Reading Eggs has simply taken off in our school! It allows students to work at their own level and provides students at the lower end of the scale with the opportunity to gain success. The kids love the games, stories and different challenges!

- Claire Badrock, Meekatharra School of the Air

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