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Interactive Reading How-to

Interactive Reading How-to

Educators find that the most effective way to teach kids to read is through interactive reading instruction. Kids best learn to read when the instruction and the reading material are aimed directly at their reading ability.

An interactive reading approach enables children to be consistently challenged, but also encourages them to use what they already know. One way of offering interactive reading instruction is through guided reading. Within the classroom, this kind of instruction groups children of similar reading abilities into the same small reading group, where they read and work through the same short story.

The teacher guides them through the reading of the book, before they work through activities centered on the text, ensuring that each child understands what they read before moving onto another story.

Another way to engage in interactive reading instruction is through online reading programmes that allow children to read texts at their level, and then work through activities and lessons that are also aimed at their level of ability.

Reading Eggs offers an interactive reading programme that assesses a child’s reading ability before they begin any course of instruction, so that all reading lessons can be tailored to fit their reading ability.

Once the child is assessed, reading lessons begin. Each reading lesson within the Reading Eggs programme incorporates five key literacy elements: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and text comprehension. The instructional activities that make up Reading Eggs lessons are game-like in structure, infusing playful elements that ensure kids have fun whilst they learn.

Kids are able to make consistent progress with Reading Eggs largely because of the interactive reading instruction the programme offers. Its rich reward system serves to engage, motivate and build the confidence of children – all essential to achieving reading success. Both the variety of rewards within the programme, as well as the enjoyable interactive nature of the learning activities makes Reading Eggs a wonderfully effective learning experience for young readers.


Reading Eggs is great for my son. He is a reluctant reader and has resisted every other product we have tried. He uses this one regularly without too many complaints. It’s really working for him.

- Steven

My class (prep-2) love[s] the Reading Eggs programme. My students look forward to it every week and their reading skills have improved since we have introduced the programme. Keep up the great work!

- Kathy Norton, Lal Lal Primary School

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