Enjoy an exciting new maths adventure with Mathseeds Map 29

We are very excited to announce our latest Mathseeds map release, which includes five additional maths lessons.

Mathseeds Map 29 is the newest instalment of our fast-growing online maths programme for children aged 3 to 8 years. The newly released content continues the fun-filled learning adventures and explores word problems involving length, comparing lengths using data, quadrilaterals and more.

The exciting new map is packed with fun new activities, songs, topic specific readers, and animations – plus five cave-dwelling pets to hatch and collect.

Mathseeds Map 29 includes:

  • Lesson 141, Length – Word Problems teaches how to solve multi-step word problems involving length using a range of addition and subtraction strategies.
  • Lesson 142, Fluent facts within 20 shows how to use number bonds to 10 and then to 20 to fluently complete addition and subtraction equations.
  • Lesson 143, Comparing lengths using data demonstrates how to measure different lengths in formal units and construct a bar graph to show the results. Children will learn how to interpret the bar graph data in order to answer related questions.
  • Lesson 144, Adding within 1000 explores three different strategies that your child can use to add together two 3-digit numbers: using base 10 equipment to decompose and compose numbers; using vertical addition; using a number line.
  • Lesson 145, Quadrilaterals shows that shapes with four sides are called quadrilaterals, and teaches how to identify quadrilaterals from a range of shapes. Children will practise identifying how many sets of parallel lines a shape has and determining which shapes are quadrilaterals.

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