NEW Map 25 available now in Mathseeds!

Mathseeds Map 25 takes children into the enchanting island of New Guinea, with five additional maths lessons. Early maths learners will have fun learning essential numeracy skills and concepts while collecting five new critters native to New Guinea’s rich biodiversity.

Children will enjoy playing fun online maths games and activities designed to teach important concepts related to 3D objects, place value, time, subtraction and money.

About Mathseeds Map 25:

Lesson 121, 3D Objects – Different Views will teach children to identify the top, front, sides and base of 3D objects, and identify and count the numbers of vertices.

Lesson 122, Comparing numbers demonstrates how to use the < = > symbols, and compare pairs of numbers starting with a single-digit and building up to 2-digit and 3-digit numbers.

Lesson 123, 5 Minute Intervals teaches that there are 60 minutes in an hour, and 5 minute intervals between numbers. Children learn how to match the time on an analogue clock to a digital time shown in 5 minute intervals.

Lesson 124, Subtraction shows how to use vertical subtraction, and subtract a single-digit number from a double-digit number without regrouping.

Lesson 125, Equivalent Money teaches children how to match amounts with equivalent coins using 2 coins, 3 coins and 4 coins.

You can read a more detailed content overview of Mathseeds maps and lessons here.

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