The Story Factory

Today sees the launch of our exciting new destination – The Story Factory!

This is where our Eggsplorers can create their very own story books with full colour illustrations. Once your child has written a story, you can print it out to create a real book, written by your child. These little books look great! Your child’s story books will also be saved in the bookshelf in your Eggsplorer’s house.

The other fabulous feature of the Story Factory is the Weekly Contests. Enter stories into the contest to win 200 Golden Eggs. Every week the top five stories are shortlisted and go on display in the Story Factory Showroom. It is then up to all our Eggsplorers to vote for their favourite story. Read and rate the top 5 stories to help choose the winner. Winners announced every Friday.

Eggsplorers have to complete Map 1’s 10 lessons and quiz to access The Story Factory. Children with some reading skills, who have completed lesson 60 will be able to write a story on their own. Younger children will need some assistance from an adult to complete a whole story. Luckily, it is a wonderful activity to do together. Children love to read their own stories and The Story Factory is a wonderful way to build a love of both reading and writing.

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