10 New Map 7 Lessons Now Available

Dear Parents, Teachers and Eggsplorers,

We are excited to announce that today sees the launch of map 7 with 10 huge new lessons! Map 7 has 90 different parts so it’s a wonderful new chunk of learning for our Eggsplorers to work through.

In the new map 7 lessons there are lots of new activities including Words per minute, How does it end, Rhyme Time and Word dominoes. We meet Fluffy duck, Bunky Boo and our new favourite critter, Bubble Blow.

And remember, you must complete and pass the map 6 quiz before you can access the new lessons. The quiz appears at the end of every map as the last stepping stone. You can print out your Gold, Silver or Bronze Quiz certificates from your My Stuff page.

And now onto Map 8!

Happy Eggsploring from the Team at Reading Eggs.

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