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Dear Parents and Eggsplorers,
The Great Literacy Challenge draws to a close this Sunday the 7th of September. By then we expect our 26,000 Eggsplorers to have finished over 220,000 lessons and accumulated over 3 million golden eggs. We do hope you will stay with us after the Challenge ends as we have a lot of exciting developments planned for the site over the next 12 months. What you have seen so far is just the beginning of a whole amazing Eggworld that we hope will make your children motivated learners for life.

Key questions answered:

Q: What new material do you plan to add to Reading Eggs and when?

A: For the next 4 months we plan to add 10 new lessons each month (40 in total) with the first 10 due for release by the 22nd of September. Early next year we will tell you about the next exciting stage of Reading Eggs that will continue on from where the first 80 lessons leave off.

Q: How long will my account details (password, user name etc) stay available on the site if I have not paid for a subscription?

A: You need to subscribe by the end of September after which all inactive accounts will be deleted.

Q: Is there any special deal if I want more than one child to subscribe?

A: Yes, you pay only $25 for each extra child after the first one. This only applies if you subscribe all of your children at the same time. You can do this as part of the online subscription process, just click on the ‘Buy Subscription’ link located on each of your children’s dashboards.

If you have requested the Reading Eggs Starting Out Inspection pack (which comes with one free $49.95 subscription) you can request extra $25 subscriptions when you contact us to get your 6 month subscription activation code.

Q: If I do not live in Australia, can I subscribe?

A: Yes you can sign up for the $A49.95 (approx $US45) 6 month subscription but we will not be able to send you any free activity books. At this stage the books packs are not available to you but we will be launching Reading Eggs in the USA and the UK next year.

Q: I haven’t received my $99 book pack yet and my subscription is about to run out, what do I do?

A: Call our customer service centre (02 8585 4020 ) and we will keep your account open for an extra 2 weeks.

Q: What are my subscription options?

A: 1. Have a $99 Reading Eggs Book Pack sent out to you on 21 days obligation free inspection. When you purchase this pack you receive a free 6 month subscription. Click here to arrange to have an inspection pack sent to you.

2. Subscribe now for 6 months for $49.95 and get two free Reading Eggs activity books if you do this by September 15. Login to Reading Eggs and click on the Buy Subscription link on your child’s dashboard.

3. Buy a book pack from your local bookseller. Each book pack includes a 2 week subscription period. Click here for a list of Reading Eggs stockists.

I look forward to you joining us on the fantastic learning journey we have planned.

Happy Eggsploring,

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