Eggy Numbers to 100

Learn the skills for maths success with Eggy Numbers to 100


Eggy Numbers to 100 is a fun and motivational app for the iPad and iPhone that teaches children aged 5–8 the mathematical skills they need.

With 6 highly interactive games, children develop fundamental number skills including counting, estimation, addition, subtraction and multiples. Each game features its own unique setting and game play that make learning about numbers enjoyable for young children.

Using the ‘tap’ and ‘touch and drag’ functionality of the iPad and iPhone, children pop balloons to practise addition, draw dot-to-dots to order numbers, zap space bugs to learn about multiples, plus many more fun activities.

Each activity has either 2 or 3 levels to complete which increase in difficulty to ensure children make progress. There are also 15 mashies to unlock – cute characters that children earn when completing activities.

Key Features

  • For iPad and iPhone
  • Suitable for ages 5–8
  • 6 highly interactive games
  • 2 or 3 difficulty levels for each activity
  • Children learn counting, estimation, addition, subtraction and multiples
  • Choose from 3 accents – Australian, UK and US
App Suitable for Ages 4-7 Years

Eggy Numbers to 100

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