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Building Confidence at The Theme Park Details

Theme Park 1 Phonic Letters And Sounds Phonically Decodable Words Vocabulary Words High Frequency Sight Words

Lesson 81

short vowels pen, pig, leg, log, mug, mop, hat, hug, bed, box touch, taste, hear, see, smell, tongue have, with, what, you

Lesson 82

ie, ile pie, tie, lie, smile, crocodile shop, peach, plum, pie going, where, want

Lesson 83

ie, ine, ike lie, line, mine, like, hike mother, father, sister, brother, family, parents, homework shoe, car, table

Lesson 84

ine, ide, ike dine, pine, fine, spine, shrine bike, track, crash, ride, fall too, off, over, this

Lesson 85

sh shell, shop, sheep, ship, shed shark, shirt, shoes shop, bike

Lesson 86

sh shelley, sheep, shop, shopping shiny, short, laces, shoes buy, tried, these, new

Lesson 87

long i kite, bite, bike, hike, hide, ride hot, cold, wet, dry, big, little, happy, sad white, nine, girl, boy

Lesson 88

ch chat, chick, cheese, chin, chips, chest shopping, cheeky, cheeping, chimp says, ask, why

Lesson 89

th throw, thanks, thin, that, thud, thick, thorn, think cupboard, fridge, supermarket, chocolate, roastbeef, sandwich none, two, stayed, home

Lesson 90

ch chimp, chicken, cheese, chilli cherries, chillies, chocolate, chomp these, made, together
Theme Park 2 Phonic Letters And Sounds Phonically Decodable Words Vocabulary Words High Frequency Sight Words

Lesson 91

soft c city, celery, cement, bicycle, park, shark, dark, bark city, celery, bicycle, circus, circle, cement one, two, three, four, five

Lesson 92

ice mice, rice, dice, slice, line, bike, nine, fine, lime, vine football, shoelace, sandbox, lighthouse fly, look, white, fine, nine

Lesson 93

soft g cage, page, sage, stage, rage gelato, giraffe, magic, gem, magic, giant, cement today, park, Saturday

Lesson 94

ake cake, lake, rake, bake, take, snake, shake, make, wake rooster, duck snake, giraffe, wheel, shark

Lesson 95

long a, ane cane, mane, lane, plane, cage, ape, game icing, pour, slice, bake flew, bowl, brother, everywhere, what, about, another

Lesson 96

ace space, lace, face night, stars, switch, count clouds, sky, stars, above

Lesson 97

vowels life, space exercise, check, straw, spacesuit, photo, astronaut, music hours, outside, white, purple, yellow, orange

Lesson 98

long vowel words make, snake, five, ape dough, paper, cardboard, paint, glue, puppet, pipecleaner, spider, butterfly these, out, eight, blue

Lesson 99

y on the end itchy, hairy, floppy, rusty, party, creepy circus, escapes, bendy, works, cage sleep, party, work, easy, flew, plane, high

Lesson 100

- five, mice, cage awake, asleep, full, empty, kitten, astronaut, circus up, down, night, day, in, out, five, nine, eight
Theme Park 3 Phonic Letters And Sounds Phonically Decodable Words Vocabulary Words High Frequency Sight Words

Lesson 101

oo cook, book, wool, foot, look, took dressed, chocolate, icing, cream, delicious, contest, winner book, look, took, delicious, excited

Lesson 102

oo roof, zoo, noon, moon, cool, spoon, pool, hoop, wood, baboon cockatoo, coop, moose, cocoon, kangaroo, raccoon, baboon said, here, took, who, foot

Lesson 103

ole pole, sole, mole, hole, stole, woke, poke, joke, bone, stone, cone wombat, ground, kangaroo, mole, phone, poke ground, phone, own, down, wrong

Lesson 104

long o, e sounds rode, code, vote, rose, boat, coat, goat, float tadpole, flagpole, tangled, seaweed, wavy, molehill, bubbly, foam boat, together, through, behind, tiny, suddenly

Lesson 105

blends frog, clam, slam, swam, grub, crab, plug, grab, slug, shell clam, slug, tram, phone friends, open, swam, his, eat

Lesson 106

blends crab, clam, frog, fly, green, trunk, lunch, crash, tree wombat, crash, butterfly, grotty, hungry hungry, green, happy, blue, tree

Lesson 107

ea pea, seal, leaf, dream, peach, beach, beast, eat, peace peace, sitting, scary, beast, dream, badger leaf, down, asleep, nice, light, blue, eat

Lesson 108

long u words cube, flute, tune, duke, June, tube worried, perfect, flute, choose, tongue, hedgehog worried, choose, teeth, ears

Lesson 109

er helper, brother, sister, cleaner, badger, bigger, better plumber, builder, cleaner, garden, leaky brother, sister, bigger, better, anything, clean

Lesson 110

blends strong, pretty, dry, crunchy, glossy, flower, ground, cloud, drank crunchy, glossy, wept, squishy, weak, cloud, pretty, adjectives flower, ground, cloud, drank, white, brown, grey
Theme Park 4 Phonic Letters And Sounds Phonically Decodable Words Vocabulary Words High Frequency Sight Words

Lesson 111

blends wanted, trip, crashed, stuck, three happy, boat, leaf, clock crab, track, truck, back, tree, crack

Lesson 112

syllables exercise, somewhere, drink, growing, eaten keeping, drinking, sunlight, flamingo, elephant, beetle healthy, water, food, clothes, sleep, home

Lesson 113

end blends flamingo, rabbit, duckling, stamp, thump stinky, wanted, running, wants, spider, keeping skunk, pink, milk, sink, drink, stink, blink

Lesson 114

oa flowers, raincoat, house waterfall, picture, thunderstorm, houseboat, tophat oats, coast, road, toast, soap, float

Lesson 115

ir sunlight, seedling, warm, leaf catfight, flowerpot, fingernail soil, grow, water, dirt, shirt, skirt, flirt, flower

Lesson 116

igh moonlight, goodnight, sandpaper, icecube, caring monkey, kangaroo, family, forest night, light, bright, sight, right

Lesson 117

nouns raincoat, coast, better, bathroom, friends shirt, goat thorn, toast, chew, roar, caught, loudly

Lesson 118

or boots, long pants, jumper, coat, cloudy windy, snow, sunny, rainy, horse, popcorn, knight score, wore, store, shore, shorts

Lesson 119

verbs remember, imagine, insect, sideways, flap whistle, squeal, swoop, scuttle, scared pounce, glide, wriggle, sneeze

Lesson 120

ay their, apple, spelling, feet, crabs library, cling, eight, walk stay, day, okay, way, boat, pink, truck