Mathseeds is here!

We’re proud to announce the highly anticipated release of Mathseeds – our new online maths program!

Mathseeds teaches children aged 3-6 the early maths and problem solving skills needed for success at school. Mathseeds lessons are packed full of mathematical content covered in a fun, interactive and child friendly way with lots of songs. There are currently 50 highly interactive lessons for children to explore, with new lessons added every 6 weeks.

Early lessons teach children early number skills including recognising the shape of numbers 0–10, accurate counting and one-to-one correspondence. Children also learn 2D shapes: circle, square, triangle and rectangle, colours and some concepts of size: big, small, short, tall.

Later lessons introduce children to addition with a variety of strategies to add to 10. These include counting on, using a ten frame and using a number line. Children learn to recognise simple shape patterns and 3D objects. Measurement concepts covered include heavy, light, long, short, full, empty and half-full.

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