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Help Your Child Learn to Read in Just Weeks

How to Get Your Child Reading in Just Weeks

help kids learn to read in weeks

Reading Eggs is designed by literacy experts to help children learn to read, fast.

There are many things parents can do to support a child’s reading development—and the fastest way to do it is by using a research-based, structured reading programme like Reading Eggs.

Unlike other reading apps on the market, Reading Eggs is developed by a team of experienced educators and literacy experts. It uses structured phonics activities that teach children to recognise letter sounds, right from the very first lesson.

Here’s how Reading Eggs helps children learn to read, fast

Reading Eggs is designed to be highly engaging and motivating for young learners. Children are guided through a series of fun and interactive online activities that progress at their own pace.

These activities develop phonemic awareness, build automaticity and fluency, expand vocabulary and build comprehension, right from the very beginning.

Reading Eggs is structured in such a way that if a child uses it daily for approximately two weeks, they will be able to read their very first book, which is the I am book at the end of Lesson 9.

As you can imagine, this does wonders for a child’s confidence. It gives them a great sense of achievement in having read a ‘real’ book.

This in itself is a huge milestone, and a highly motivating way to encourage a child to continue their reading journey.

It’s also one of the most exciting and magical experiences for a parent to watch—their child reading their very first words!

Reading the I am book reinforces the skills children have learned so far in the programme and creates context and meaning.

That’s why children are able to read their first high-frequency sight words in as little as two weeks.

And that’s why we’re proud that over 10 million children around the world have launched their reading journey with Reading Eggs.

See how your child can learn to read in just weeks

We offer all new parents a free trial to see how Reading Eggs works for their child.

It only takes a few minutes to get started—and unlike other reading programmes, you’re under no obligation to provide your credit card details until you’re totally confident it’s right for you.

Start your free trial of Reading Eggs here today.

In addition to using Reading Eggs 20 minutes per day, here are some helpful tips to support your child’s reading development at home:

1. Read together daily

This will always be the most important thing you can do. Reading together provides precious bonding time and nurtures an early love of reading. All it takes is a nightly bedtime story to get your child on the right path.

build early reading skills by reading together regularly

2. Point out words

Read signs while travelling and point out labels in the supermarket. Draw your child’s attention to the sounds that make up printed words.

3. Fill your home with books

Surround your child with books and other reading materials from an early age. A great idea is to give them their own bookcase or a special reading area in the house.

4. Re-read favourites

Most children love to read the same books over and over again—and that’s a great thing. These books tend to be rhymes that are fun to read, such as Dr. Seuss books, and are a fantastic way to build phonemic awareness.

5. Put your heart into it

Make reading an enjoyable experience by reading with expression and doing all the funny voices! The main goal is to encourage an interest in reading early on.

6. Let your child choose sometimes

We all know that children develop their own tastes and preferences from a very young age. Give your child the freedom to pick the books they want to read, whether it’s a comic book or a joke book.

7. Be a good role model

Children look up to the grown-ups in their life. Let your child see you read a book, newspaper, magazine or eBook reader. They’ll soon see that reading is an enjoyable activity, and will want to do it too.

8. Ask questions

Use questions to help develop your child’s understanding of the story. Having regular conversations about the books you read is also a great way to maintain your child’s interest and challenge thinking skills.

Reading Eggs makes learning to read easy and fun for young children. It includes fun online activities, songs, books and rewards that build early reading skills and help nurture a love of reading. Start your free trial here today!